Friday, February 18, 2011

Let me introduce myself

I am a mother of two girls and the teacher of seventeen fourth and fifth grade children. I love both my jobs, and sometimes want to cry or tear my hair out about one or the other or both! I hope to use this blog to process some of what goes on in trying to balance my jobs and maybe to connect with others who run into some of the same questions or have figured things out and want to share their thoughts with me. I am new to blogging, so please excuse my mistakes. For example, this giant video! This was meant to be a practice at embedding, and it looked like a cool video, so I thought I'd use it to launch my blog. But, something went wrong on the way to the publishers, and now it's huge! Ah well, a huge video is not worth pulling out my hair! Enjoy the video and let's keep in touch!

1 comment:

  1. The "huge' embed looks fine. Could have been planned that way. But as it wasn't (planned) here's the tip: When you make your selection on You tube there are various size options to choose from. Select the size- and frame - you want before copying the embed code.
    - Josie